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  • Definitely the most important event regarding small cells to meet the full ecosystem

    Aaron Partouche, Director, Colt
  • 'It was a great summit to have open and honest conversation between the key players in the small cell industry.'
    Adrian Di Meo, CTO, Telefónica UK
  • I believe this is a conference where great knowledge-sharing and networking will be done among the vendors, operators, and organizations that are specialized in the areas of Wi-Fi and Small Cells.
    Ahmed Serdaroglu, Wi-Fi Integration Project Manager, Turkcell
  • The place where all idea and thought about small cell come together
    Alessandro Bovone, Senior Manager Network Strategy, EE
  • This was a very informative and well run event.
    Andy Germano, VP, Small Cell Forum
  • Broad set of speakers from different areas of the industry
    Ben Archer, Account Manager, Virgin Media Business
  • Good opportunity to see 4G/5G development at industrial side.
    Bo Rong, Research Scientist, Communications Research Centre (CRC)
  • impressive , Good communication with the industry chain.
    BO YANG, R&D Manager, COMBA
  • Two days well spent. Choice of speakers and presentations were good
    Brian Mitchell, Relationship Manager Digital & Broadband, Virgin Media
  • This is the premier event of the year for our segment of the industry.

    Cathy Ducker, Sr Marketing Manager, SpiderCloud Wireless
  • The event was a success for our company.
    Chris McCormick, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer, Epson
  • Good place for operator to learn about Small Cell product availability
    Claudio Canosi, Business Development ManagerAzcom Technology
  • As our first exhibition, this was a great event for NET - forging new, and expanding existing relationships with customers, suppliers, analysts and colleagues. Well run, GREAT catering, and useful presentations
    Dan Mayer, Business Development Manager, NET Coverage Solutions Ltd
  • Excellent mix of conferences and exhibitors. Three Topics (Small Cells, Carrier WiFi, and Small Cells Backhaul) were presented in a very convenient way.
    Daniel Schurter, Head of Broadband Systems, Broadband Networks
  • Extremely informative event, with leading industry experts, vendors and operators participating provided theory, through solution, to practical experience of deployments.
    David Sanderson, Product Development Principal Technical Authority, Three UK
  • Good to see Small Cells World Summit has been extended to include Backhaul which is a key area of the overall small cell solution. Good presentations on challenges/opportunities of implementing small cell backhaul solutions
    David Taylor, Transmission Strategy & Architecture Manager, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
  • Great event
    David Turner, Technical Sales, CCS
  • A good cross section of presentations from standards, to operator and vendor led practical solutions and deployments.
    Eddie Cole, Equipment Policy and Innovation Manager, Orange
  • A very enjoyable and interactive, discussing and sharing ideas around the cutting edge wireless industry within a high end crowd of experts
    Elias Aravantinos, Analyst, ACG
  • Very informative and useful to find the latest & future trends in the world of small cells and other wireless technologies
    Enda Ward, Software Engineer, Sharp
  • I consider the event was very well organized and useful as it gave the opportunity to have some insights from other operators, vendors but also from customers that hire the WiFi service.
    Filipa Valente, Product Manager, Portugal Telecom - MEO
  • This was a very informative and friendly event where I felt like the conversations that took place were really looking to drive forward this industry.
    Gregor Herz, Network Strategy Researcher, EE
  • Great event to have a chance to interact with the players in the small cells industry.
    Jaime Jaramillo, Business Development, Trimble Navigation
  • The one event in the Global Calendar at which ALL of the movers and shakers in the Small Cells Industry can be found under one roof
    James BODY, Head of Research & Development, Truphone
  • It was excellent - will be coming back. Thank you for having me.
    Jamie Lewis, Research analyst, Fidelity International
  • Speakers delivered interesting and compelling content to the audience.
    Jason Trimmer, Infrastructure Architect - Radio & Cellular, Heathrow Airport Limited
  • Refreshing to see year by year progress as PowerPoint ideas turn into real, tangible products and deployments
    John Lee, Access Architect, Vodafone Group
  • The presentations were of a high standard, I thought the event was well organised and very informative.
    Jon Holgate, Head of Networks, University of Cambridge
  • Very interesting to hear other operators experiences with Small Cells, and to see new Small Cell products.
    José Alberto Martín Ortega, Radio Engineer, Telefónica Spain
  • Event was a success and very well organized, very useful for any company and operator in the telecommunication industry.
    José Ángel pérez De La Rosa, Technology & Strategy, Vodafone
  • The event provides a focused interaction across the complete small cell ecosystem, addressing accomplishments, current state of the art and challenges for the future.
    Joseph Thome, Sr. Director Product Marketing, AirHop Communications
  • A blast of small cells information to whet one's appetite for months to come.
    Jussi Kahtava, Managing Director, Allied Spectrum Associates
  • Great even to see whats happening in the world of small cells.
    Karan Sarin, Asst. Director RAN, Ooredoo
  • Good event for promoting brand awareness and updates on industry trends
    Ken Man, Marketing Director, Comba Telecom
  • The event provided the "the state of the Union" with respect to the small cell, back haul and carrier wifi industries.
    Kevin Vierling, Director of Product Management, SOLiD
  • It was a great event
    Konstantinos Ntagkounakis, Senior Product Marketing Engineer, INTRACOM TELECOM
  • Useful and informative overview of the latest developments in Small Cells Technology.
    Leigh Manton, Director, AT&T
  • Was very well organized and for me was great to learn how small cells could solve capacity issues and coverage issues on the network
    Luis Brites, Technical Solution Consultant, Coriant
  • Very useful industry event, I learned a lot
    Malcolm Sellars, Product Director (mmwave), Fastback Networks
  • Very well organised and well attended.
    Malek Shahid, Technical Leader, Cisco
  • Well organized, informative event with broad operator, regulator and vendor participation.
    Marc Goldburg, Principal, Google
  • Event is very specialised on the small cell market and technology. High quality set of vendors and operators in the small cells space.
    Mark Davies, Managing Director, JMA Wireless BV
  • A great venue to meet all the key players in the small cell ecosystem - from backhaul to SDN to carrier developments and plans.
    Mark Kelley, Business Development, InterDigital
  • This is a good event to gain insight into the world wide deployments of small cells and how different Operators optimize their networks.
    Mark Reudink, Director, PM&D, Crown Castle Solutions Corp.
  • The main event of the year in the Small Cells industry.
    Martin Guthrie, Head of Business Development, NEC Europe
  • Excellent conference to catch up with everybody working on small cell and carrier Wi-Fi
    Monica Paolini, President, Senza Fili Consulting
  • Great to understand the current outlook for Small Cells in the UK.
    Nick Ashby, Sales Manager, Virgin Media
  • Technology coming out of hype and into real time deployments. Different stakeholders finally agreeing on joint roadmap.
    Paulo Simoes, Sr Prod Mgr, Liberty Global
  • A great opportunity to catch up with leading players in the small cell and Wi-Fi space and share ideas and experiences.
    Phil Kendall, Director, Strategy Analytics
  • useful insight into carrier wi-fi challenges and developments. administration and management of the event was excellent
    Richard Greenslade, Technical Architect, Coventry City Council

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